Kendo datasource update item

I'm making an addition to a working Kendo UI grid to allow it to update based on an id passed in from a textbox. I'm calling my controller from the ajax, and everything works as expected until I try and create the kendo.

DataSource for my grid inside of the ajax success. The result looks as expected but anything I do to assign it to the data source does not seem to work.

How to update specific kendo grid cell value on databound event?

The data shows nothing and the grid comes up empty. The model expected by the grid does match the one in my controller. I've looked at other questions and the kendo ui docs but I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong You are using the ToDataSourceResult extension method on the server so you need to using the Data property of result to assign to the data property of the DataSource object you are creating on the client.

Also, you should use the setDataSource method of the grid not grid. Lastly, you want to call the read method of the dataSource grid property, not grid. DataSource result ; grid. After sorting the grid, we need to be able to read the DataSource item which corresponds to each row, by iterating through the JQuery selected 'tr' list and then select the DataSource item.

However there are a couple problems being reported: Unknown DataSource transport type 'json'. Verify that registration scripts for this type are included after Kendo UI on the page. I am trying to arrange the bootstrap grid system for tablet version. I have 15 boxes to be arranged. It is aligning perfectly for desktop and mobile, however not able to set it correct for tablet resolution.

I would like to set Kendo UI grid column widths programmatically. I want to set a user-defined search value in a filter on a kendo grid. As soon as the user opens the filter, the value will be placed into the search box. Any advice would be much appreciated. This is similar question to Set default filter for Kendo.

I have a Kendo UI Grid that is calling a rest service.

Update Template in Kendo-Ui Listview

It works fine, as long as I do not try to use any params. I know the the rest service is correct, as I can call it from a browser, and get correct results [depending on the param I send]. Also, w. I want to refresh the Kendo UI grid's contents every 60 seconds with up-to-the-minute data. I'm trying to populate kendo grid with my model from ajax call.Posted 25 Oct Link to this post.

Posted 26 Oct in reply to Patrick Link to this post. Posted 26 Oct Link to this post. Posted 27 Oct in reply to Patrick Link to this post.

I still dont think we're on the same page. Posted 27 Oct Link to this post. Posted 15 Mar in reply to Patrick Link to this post. I have the same requirement as Grant here. In addition to this, calling pushUpdate when using ng resource causes a a Maxiumum call stack error.

Posted 17 Mar Link to this post. All Products. Feed for this thread. Member since: Jul How would I go about updating the relevant data item in the datasource with the new object? Thanks, Grant. Patrick Admin. In this example, it uses a button to change "Vaughn" to "Devina" by getting the DataItem and setting it. Hope this helps! Regards, Patrick Telerik by Progress.

Try it out today! Kendo UI for Angular 2 currently in beta is a jQuery-free toolset, written in TypeScript, designed from the ground up to offer true, native Angular 2 components. Get the dataItem that you want to overwrite, and set each field to what you want them to be.

update datasource in lookup combo box is changing the current field value

Posted 27 Oct in reply to Patrick Link to this post I still dont think we're on the same page.Let us say we have a JavaScript array as given below. We will create a Kendo Datasource reading speakers array. Very simply we can create data source as following. Now we will see how we could iterate each data of data source. We can do that by calling data function on Kendo UI Data source. As output in alert we will get entire speakername. In this way you can iterate through data of Kendo datasource.

I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading. What about a grid that has more than one page?

kendo datasource update item

Hi Sunil … please send me an email with your scenario. I will go thru your problem and respond to you. The data method should be used when no filter or paging or sorting has been applied. But when you set a pageSize — you will need to use view method to get the current page date. To advance to a new page you should use the page method and let the data source know which page you want to navigate.

kendo datasource update item

Hi, I am developing an ASP. This method returns an array of all elements that I want to be displayed in a Telerik Grid. Is it possible to bind array data in a Telerik Grid? If yes, then how? My Controller returns the list in itself. I want the elements in the list to be displayed on a Kendo Grid. How can I do this?GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Now I'm unsure if I'm using Angular-Kendo correctly but I have in my scope a basic array, which gets rendered fine on startup.

I have read through the Angular-Kendo Code and come up with a solution to my problem. But I'm just wondering if anyone was able to update the bindings with the current code currently.

kendo datasource update item

Bellow is my solution to my problem. This was just a quick fix so no doubt there is a better way of handling this binding. Now I'd prefer not to have DataSource Kendo object in my controller code, and stick with basic arrays. Hi chrisyboy53! Do us a favor and create a plunker demonstrating the issue? Hi burkeholland thanks for the reply. I have come up with a sandbox of the issue, just click "Add Scooby" and you'll see what I mean about this bug. I believe my fix works only when you set the array again rather than just pushing new elements in the array.

Hey burkeholland. Beneath the grid I have a traditional ng-repeat directive that offers input-boxes to change content. This makes the component nearly useless in a scenario, where an Angular-driven application handles scopes and Kendo is used for the presentation.

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

There is no good way to support plain arrays directly, so you'll have to use a kendo. ObservableArray instead. For more details on using kendo. ObservableArray or kendo.

kendo datasource update item

Skip to content. This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.Tag: listviewkendo-uikendo-mobilekendo-template. I have a dynamic created listview. The schema of the datasource is also changing tempanding on the action in the application. So the schema also is dynamically created. It works fine when it is first time loaded.

But when it is load the second time, I can not update the template of the listview. I couldn't find a method which only changes the template. Another option was destroying the kendoListView. I found a way to get the time wen user closes the album. I implemented onBackPressed in my Activity, so when ever user clicks back button meaning he s exiting from the album i take the current time.

Found it. The Telerik support asked the right questions. The problem is quite simple: There is no editor template specified! There are at least? Specify the name of the editor template e. Editable true. This isn't problem with kendoui-popover.

The problem is unneeded scope. They will remove that in newest version: Forum discussion They committed fix today: gitbhub commit Count-1 do AListView.

Index; end; Behind the scenes, there is a known bug in the generic TList implementation, specifically a mis-hap with the Here is what I did.To download custom scripts in a SharePoint visual WebPart we will have to write the script data in Render method.

In the EmployeeVisualWebpart. Issue 1: After adding or editing the record the filter autocomplete text boxes were not refreshing, we added the below code to refresh the autocomplete textboxes after creating or editing the record.

Issue 2: In different time zone the datetime picker filter was not filtering the data properly because DateCreated values were populated with time whereas selected values from a datetime filter were with default time. Here is the code:. So I added custom validation. In WebAPI based on the method parameter we are filtering the data. Custom functionality3: Country filter should have to be a dropdown, here is the code:.

Hope this article helped people to understand about the custom webpart and leveraging WebAPI as the data source. Tarun Kumar Chatterjee. Rate this article. SecurityPermission System. Happy Coding Tarun Kumar Chatterjee. Category : OfficeProgrammaticallySharePoint. He holds a B-tech degree. He is passionate about learning and sharing the tricks and tips in.Prerequisites Basic knowledge of ASP.

Step 3 Click the "New Connection" button. The "Connection Properties" Window will open. After providing the Server name, select Employee from the available databases and click OK.

Step 5 You can use the default name for the connection to save the Web. Config file. Now, click Next. Create a new empty controller. Write the given code in View. From the code, shown above, you can notice that Kendo DropDownList is implemented with the change event.

In the change event function definition, we are going to change Kendo Grid datasource, based on the company selection. If company A is selected, the employee of company A will be populated in the Kendo Grid, else, if the company B is selected, the employee of the company B will be populated in Kendo Grid.

Selecting company B from the dropdownlist of the employees of company B will be populated in the Grid. View All. Gowtham K Updated date, Oct 17 Creating a Table.

The script, given below is used to create the tables with some records. Generate the Model Now, we will create Entity framework models from the database tables. I hope you enjoyed this article. Your valuable feedback, questions, or comments about this article are always welcome.

Using KendoUI Grids on MVC - Tutorial 1

Source Code. Next Recommended Article. Getting Started With. NET 5. Getting Started with ML. NET Core.


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