Colorrite primer

Optical brightening agents OBAs are chemicals that manufacturers add to products like paper, plastics, and textiles to make them appear whiter and brighter, and to lessen the natural yellowing process that happens over time. They also add these chemicals to cleaning agents to enhance the appearance of materials — primarily textiles — after cleaning. OBAs trick our eyes into seeing a brighter white.

The color you perceive is the color of the light that is reflected off of the object — what we perceive as the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum, shown below, is only the light that we can see with the naked eye.

Although OBAs help manufacturers sell more products, they make it very difficult to control color because the optical brightening content can only be seen under light sources that contain UV. Before assembling products with pieces from different suppliers, manufacturers need to evaluate the amount of optical brighteners in each to ensure consistency after final assembly and under all of the lighting conditions the product will be exposed to out in the world.

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colorrite primer

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Close X. Global Gateway Please select your desired language.When I got home I called the local Harley dealer and found that a new bag would cost hundreds, not including the paint, with the total coming to something like a thousand bucks.

And I was told that repairing and painting my bag through the dealership would cost approximately the same. ColorRite has been in business sincemanufactures its own paint and has the ability to match any current color offered by Harley-Davidson and Victory Motorcycles.

colorrite primer

Four basic paint types are offered—touch-up pens for small nicks and scratches, touch-up bottles for slightly larger damaged areas, aerosol cans for large areas, and professional-size cans for those with an HVLP gun and experience. When I called ColorRite to figure out which method would work best, I was asked to e-mail a photo detailing the damage. Based on the photo, which revealed a number of scrapes down to the primer, covering a rather large area, the recommendation was to use the aerosol spray.

I learned that it is very difficult to make a good-looking repair with pen or bottle using a brush for any damage larger than the size of a quarter if one is the least bit concerned about the appearance. I could have ordered all paint and supplies separately, but ColorRite offers kits that combine nearly all of the items needed for a touch-up job. Great emphasis is placed on prep and patience, and if customers run into problems or have questions, the customer support phone line is available from a.

PST the support staff is on the West Coast. Following the instructions, I removed the hard bag from the bike and washed the outer surface with soap and water, rinsing thoroughly and letting it dry completely. Then I cleaned the surface with a Prep-Wipe towelette to remove any grease or other debris, using the Tack Cloth to wipe it down.

colorrite primer

Again, I rinsed the bag surface and let it dry. Because the scratches were so deep, I sanded the affected area using the provided sandpaper until the area was down to the bare surface. I used another Prep-Wipe to clean the surface, rinsed it and let it dry. Instead, I decided to go for the gusto, right there in my living room. I dabbed the primer pen onto the area needing to be painted, applying only a light coat.

The instructions suggested I might need more than one coat, so I waited the recommended 5—10 minutes before applying a second coat. After a half hour of drying time 20—30 minutes is recommendedI dabbed on the base coat. I let it dry for 15 or 20 minutes and then applied a second coat.

After another 20 or so minutes of drying time, I applied the top coat, waiting 20 minutes and then dabbing on the top coat a second time.

ColorRite Paint Touch-Up Review

The instructions called for a six-to-eight hour drying time before applying the clearcoat so I waited until the next morning to continue. I wiped down the surface again before applying the clearcoat, and dabbed a light coat onto the dry paint.

After allowing it to dry somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, I applied another coat of clear. I was cautioned not to apply too many coats as the paint underneath might not dry properly and it may cause yellowing. The instructions also dictated that I let the clearcoat dry for three or four hours before handling. The results were mixed. She is an award-winning master painter and author who even competed on the reality TV show Motor City Masters. JoAnn also gave me painting and finishing suggestions, all learned from her hard-won experience over the past several decades.

The weather turned cold again temperatures over 65 degrees are best for painting and drying so I called my friends at Black Label Choppers in Dover, New Jersey, to ask if I could use their paint shop. Co-owner Kurt Leifken agreed that I could set up there on Saturday. The top of one of the lids had been gouged by improperly packed luggage, and there were more nicks and scratches here and there on both bags.

I stripped the clear and paint off the hard bag and started from scratch. Most of the steps for the aerosol spray were the same as with the pen; just a different application method and different drying times for some of the phases. The kit consists of a powder and a liquid as well as preparation and spreading implements, and I followed the directions for combining and applying the mixture.When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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colorrite primer

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Fourth, you get discounted price and pay for the item.So, there I am. The room AC is howling and I have a cold one in hand. There comes a knock on the door. Righting the bike, I assess the damage. There are deep scratches on the right mirror, some small scratches on the tank. The right side case took the brunt—the black lower area is scraped and there are some slight scratches on the red upper section. Italian Red.

Ducati Red. Not my baby! Ugh, indeed.

Colorrite Promo Code & Deal 2020

Paint colors are ordered by manufacturer, year and model type. A ST3 Red is I ordered five products. In a few days, I received a 2-ounce bottle of degreaser, a 2-ounce bottle of a light cut compound, three half-ounce pens and a sheet of detailed instructions. While waiting, I disassembled the fairing and removed the mirror assembly to my workbench. The pens are individual cartridges of primer, color and clear coat.

Each pen, with its sharp applicator tip, is activated by pressing down on the tip. This allows the contents to flow onto the chisel point. The directions warn against depressing the tip while applying touch-up paint as paint can run out of the pen, marring the repair.

After carefully prepping per the detailed instructions, I quickly discovered that dabbing the liquid evenly is a finesse move that requires some experience. I did get better at it, but my layers were less than smooth. Some 1,grit paper diligently used after two separate primer applications did 90 percent of the smoothing; however the repair area had now grown from small scratches to square inches and I began to anticipate a problem in achieving a smooth final product.

I was clearly asking the pens to do a job for which they were not designed. This required reassessment. Since the mirror is small and easily handled, I reordered the same products in aerosol cans.

When they arrived, I masked the mirror trim and—after a careful and thorough degreasing—I scuffed the entire paintable surface with paper, used wet with a drop of dish soap.

After 30 seconds of vigorous rattle-can agitation, I applied two overlapping wet coats of primer, carefully providing even coverage and adequate dry time between coats.Find best deals on eBay to upgrade your shopping experience when you check out. Shop at colorrite. Colorrite provides a variety of wonderful Motorcycles goods at an affordable price. Use it before it's gone. This offer will expire soon, buy it now. Start saving right now.

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